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How to Prepare Before You Workout

By Bella

I recently just became more cautious of what I do and what I eat, before I exercise. It’s extremely important to make sure you are preparing properly, before you practice any kind of physical activity. 

1. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before. At least 6-7 hours of sleep for adults, and more for kids/teens. If you are not well rested, your workout performance will not be at It’s full potential, and you will be more prone to tare a muscle and even put yourself at a risk for a heart attack. 

2. Make sure you hydrate yourself in advance. If you go workout right after you wake up, make sure you start drinking a lot of water before you go exercise. You should start hydrating yourself a few hours ahead of time. Also, bring water with you when you workout, and drink it throughout your practice. It will help prevent muscle cramping. 

3. Make sure you warm up 15 minutes a head of time, before you go into your full exercise regimen. It will help prevent muscle tearing, and loosen your muscles. 

4. Taking a warm shower before exercising, is also a good thing to do. Open pores help with becoming overheated, and exhaustion. 

5. One of the most important things to do before you workout is EAT!  You cannot skip this, even if you’re a morning person, who goes straight to the gym, you cannot ignore eating something ahead of time. Even if It’s just something small. Your pre-workout meal should include a good source of protein and carbohydrates. One of my favorite quick breakfast meals, are smoothies. They are a great carrier for a protein powder, and fruit is a great source of carbohydrates. Other great pre-workout meals are, eggs with gluten-free or grain-free toast (or fruit on the side instead of toast) and high quality protein powders and bars. If you don’t mind meat in the morning, organic or even just antibiotic-free chicken, is also a good choice of protein. Eating a good protein and carbohydrate meal, does not only go for pre-workout meals, but even after workout meals. After you exercise, your body burned off a lot of calories and fuel, so it needs to be replenished, with some animal protein and healthy fats. I usually like to have some raw or organic yogurt, with flaxseeds in it. 
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