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Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware

By Bella

Non-stick cookware had been the talk for a while. The great slippery surface of the pan, no food being left behind, ect. That all sounds great, but they left out the facts that it can contribute to several diseases. Once the non-stick cookware item is heated, it starts releasing toxic fumes. In just 3-5 minutes of the cookware being heated, it releases at least six toxic gases! So, if you’re thinking about just using a non-stick pan to heat up some eggs, don’t think you’re not being exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals.
Studies that were practiced on animals, PFOA, which is a chemical used in Teflon to make it “non-stick”, was shown to cause these health conditions in animals:
Major changes in organs, such as, liver, prostate, brain, thymus and kidneys, showed toxicity.
Pituitary problems in female rats. The pituitary controls the grow and reproduction rate. Changes in the pituitary is a sign of toxicity.
Tumor growth, and prostate cancer.
It has been also shown to cause alzheimer in humans.
Cookware materials that are bad for your health:
Stainless Steel
The ideal cookware to use would be ceramic. Most people don’t have ceramic cookware nowadays, so the second best would be stainless steel. I use stainless steel and cast iron pans to cook all my food in.
When you cook, you should be trying to cook something healthy for yourself. Using one of the cookware I listed above, will turn your normally healthy meal, into a toxic filled mess. So, stay away form toxic cookware!
Here is a ceramic cookware set from Dr. Mercola:,97,0.htm
If you aren’t interested in the whole set, here is a single non-toxic pan:

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