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Is Bottled Water Really Pure?

By Bella
People carry plastic bottled water around with them everywhere nowadays. Yes, drinking water is very good for your body, and you couldn’t survive without it. But, are the plastic bottles that you’re drinking out of really safe?
Plastic bottles are full of harmful toxins and chemicals. Bottled water has been known to contain more arsenic, than tap water alone! Other toxins and chemicals that have been found in bottled water are; heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, phthalates, fertilizer residue and a broad range of industrial chemicals. How does that bottled water taste right about now? Feel a little grossed out right?
In a 2009 study on bottled bottled water was done, and what was found was toluene, which is a constituent in gasoline and paint thinners. This toxic chemical has been linked to adverse reproductive effects.
Most people think that bottled water is healthy and a good thing to just grab and take with you, and to help make sure that you’re getting enough water throughout the day. But, what most people don’t know, is that every sip of water you take, you’re also getting a dose of toxic chemicals.
You can find eco-friendly water bottles that are made out of other material than plastic, at your local health food store.
I hope you found this article informative, and go pick up a eco-friendly water bottle soon!
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