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Truly the Best Milk for You


Many people are choosing to stay away from milk and dairy products, either because they have a dairy allergy or lactose intolerant, or they might have heard how processed it is. If you haven’t, you will now.

Pasteurization causes the milk to be harmful to your health. When the milk is pasteurized, it kills off all the good enzymes and good bacteria, which makes the milk have no nutritional value.


Dairy farmers give their cow something called Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) to increase their ability to produce milk. BGH causes the cow to have breast infections, which means the farmers have to inject more antibiotics into the cow. Worst of all is you do not break down this growth hormone when you swallow it, but it does absorb into your bloodstream. Infants and younger children absorb the hormone more than adults. 
BGH increases your risk for getting cancers such as breast, colon and prostate. Sadly, the labeling for BGH is not required. Organic milk is BGH-free, but is still pasteurized. If you want milk that is healthy, BGH-free, not pasteurized, full of vitamins and nutrition, raw milk is the answer!

Raw Milk-Raw Milk has more calcium, protein and vitamins than regular milk does, because it hasn’t been touched by the pasteurization process. It is proved to help people with their over-all allergies, including asthma. With that being said, people who are lactose intolerant are able to drink this milk. Why is that? It’s because, raw milk is unheated, so it contains lactase-producing bacteria that our bodies need to break down the milk sugar lactose. Some say that people with dairy allergies are able to consume raw dairy without any problems. 
Raw milk is essential for your health. It has been said that it is one of the healthiest foods you can consume.


Well, you’re probably wondering how it tastes, right? I personally think it tastes great! I have never heard of anyone who has tried it; say that they didn’t like it. I’m lactose intolerant and I was never a fan of how milk taste. I thought pasteurized milk always has a weird after taste and strangely, I thought it tastes somehow dirty! I didn’t experience any of that with raw milk. It’s creamy, since it isn’t homogenized, but it doesn’t leave any stick in your mouth after-taste. 

There are also raw cheeses, yogurt and kefir being sold. I’ve only tried the raw cheese so far, and it is so good! There are recipes where you can make all of that, just by using raw milk. I’ve used both, raw milk and raw cheese in recipes and never had a problem with it. They work and taste just as good as regular pasteurized milk and cheese. 
For someone who is new to raw milk, you probably have some questions. I will try to answer the ones you may have below:


Questions and Answers-

Q- Is it okay to freeze raw milk, and other raw dairy products?

A- Yes you can. It does not harm the dairy product at all. All of the natural enzymes are still intact.

Q- How long does raw milk last, before it spoils?

A- About 7 to 10 days.


Raw milk isn’t legal to be sold for human consumption in every state, but you can still find it being sold for pet consumption. Don’t worry; it’s the same raw milk! Here is a link to find raw milk in your area:

You want to make sure you get your milk from Organic Grass-fed cows, not grain or corn fed. That would defeat a big purpose of buying raw milk, because it wouldn’t contain all of the great vitamins and nutrients that you need. There is no problem drinking lots of raw milk, since it’s considered a medicine and helps build up your immune system and the function of your over all health.

I hope you give raw milk a try, and see how it will make a difference in your health.

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