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Stay Away From Iodized Salt

It’s been known that people who consume too much salt, will contribute to high blood pressure, and heart disease. With that being said, a lot of people will do the total opposite, which is consuming very little salt and will go on a low sodium diet. This is not any better. People need salt to live, it is essential. Iodized salt is in almost everything; including packaged and processed foods, fast food, and restaurants.  Sodium Chloride (what table salt is made out of), has been studied that it can be very dangerous to consume. Salt has been called a natural antibiotic because it kills living bacteria in your body. That also means, that salt impedes the decay process of your food.

There are other salts out there that are better for you, such as sea salt and Himalayan salt.

Sea salt is still processed, but is better than table salt. Himalayan salt would be the absolute best. You can use it just as you would with any other salt. It actually has health benefits, such as; promoting blood sugar, regulating your body’s water content, absorbing food particles through your intestinal track, promoting sinus health, promoting bone strength, prevention of musical cramps, and promoting vascular health. Himalayan salt is the highest grade of salt, and contains no environmental pollutants. I have not tried Himalayan salt before, but I’m definitely planning on buying some! I’ve heard great things about this salt and have heard it tastes great!

I hope you decide to give Himalayan salt a try, and have great results!


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