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Benefits of Running

Running is one of the most common and beneficial forms of exercise. Running can also be very healthy to you. It can help with weight loss, prevent muscle and bone loss, fight diseases, help build confidence, relieve stress, and help keep away depression.

Running is the only exercise that can burn more calories per minute, than any other cardio exercise.

Our skeleton needs to stay in shape and be healthy, just like the rest of our body does. Running helps keep your bones young and strong.

Adding running into your exercise routine can help with preventing breast cancer, strokes, osteoporoses and diabetes. Running also prevents heart attacks, by strengthening your heart and lowering blood pressure.

Running helps build up self-esteem, by the result of weight loss and helps with having a better body image. Running also helps copping with stress, such as; headaches and any other problems that are bothering you. Speed running helps with aggression and anger control. Running has been also used to help with attitude improvement, such as depression. Addictions, tension, fatigue and over all mental clarity, have been improved by running as well.

I hope I’ve told you enough benefits of running, that you will add running into your exercise routine!

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