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Drink More Green Tea

Green tea originated from China, but is widely consumed throughout the world now. Many Medical and scientific studies have been done on green tea, and have been showed to have many long-term health benefits. Green tea has been used for over 4,000 years in asia, to control bleeding, stabilize blood sugar, promoting digestion, and lowering heart disease risk. Green tea also contains cancer-fighting compounds. Just drinking one cup of green tea a day, can lower your chance of getting lung cancer by 60% (non-smokers), and reducing your risk of ovarian cancer by 45%. Drinking five cups or more of green tea a day, lowers your chances of developing oral cancer by 55%, prostate cancer by 55%, liver cancer by 40% and endometrial cancer by 20%(stated by Five cups of green tea a day may sound like a lot, but if you think of replacing coffee with green tea, it won’t seem like that much. Plus, green tea has a lot more antioxidients and cancer fighting compounds than coffee does.

I hope you will give green tea a try, if you haven’t already, and will be able to start enjoying the health benefits!

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2 thoughts on “Drink More Green Tea

  1. Dalton Howsare on said:

    I take green tea regulary because it is good for the health and it is rich in antioxidants. ‘

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