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Soy and Its Other Harmful Disguises

Soy has been around for a long time in the Asian culture. It is heavily used in its fermented state, such as, soy sauce, natto, tempeh and miso. Fermented soy products are great for your health, and can fight cancer, such as breast cancer. There are so many things that fermented soy, such as miso, that can be beneficial for our bodies. Miso is good for brain function, improving digestion, strengthens your blood and immune system, and protects against breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer.

So, you’re probably wondering well, what’s so bad about soy then? Well, once soy was introduced to the U.S, it became commercialized, which made soy milk, soy ice cream and non-dairy whipped topping. Today, 91% of soybean crops are genetically modified. Genetically modified soy has been known to lead to growth and reproduction problems, such as infertility. GM hamsters’ loss the ability to give birth and ended up having a slower growth rate.

Above, where I wrote “disguises”, I’m talking about Soy lecithin and soy protein. Any soy product that has not been fermented, has been GM and processed, and should be avoided. This means tofu, soy protein/soy protein powder, soy bars, ice cream, milk, cheese, yogurt and meat (meatless products).

Everyone makes out to believe that soy products are good for you. More and more evidence has been coming out, which says that’s not the case. Dr. Mercola ( recommends a book that is called The Whole Soy Story: By Kaayla Danial.

The Whole Soy Story

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