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Ways to Become Greener


Earth Day is right around the corner, and I think everyone (even myself) can use a reminder now and then on how we should be more Eco-friendly to our earth. I came up with some ideas that may help you get back on track for Earth Day:

Bring reusable, Eco-friendly grocery bags to the store. If you don’t have those, choose plastic instead of paper.

Start composting. Instead of throwing away food and scraps, make compost with it and use it as a fertilizer or soil for gardening.

Buy Eco-friendly cleaners or make them yourself. Don’t use all-purpose cleaners that are loaded with chemicals. They can be harmful to you and the environment.

Exercise outside. Instead of running on the treadmill and wasting electricity, go for a run outside. You will get some fresh air, and plenty of vitamin D.

If you are only traveling a short distance, walk or take a bike. You will save money on gas, get some exercise, and you will be one less person polluting the earth.

Plant a tree. More and more trees are getting cut down. Try replacing one tree that’s been cut down, by planting another.

      I hope you have a great Earth Day and choose to make great Eco-friendly decisions!

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