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Yoga Journal’s Meditation Revolution

Yoga Journal sent me this 28 day Meditation Revolution yesterday, and I thought it would be a good thing to share with everyone: 

I went to a meditation class a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been trying to get some meditation practice in right before I go to bed. I noticed it makes me extremely relaxed and I’m always ready to fall right to sleep. When I wake up, I still feel relaxed and I feel refreshed. 

I encourage you follow this free 28 day Meditation Revolution with me, and let me know in the comments how your experience with this meditation activity is going. I would also love to hear how you all practice meditation, and if you have any tips that help you relax more.

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2 thoughts on “Yoga Journal’s Meditation Revolution

  1. I haven’t started the 28 day Meditation Revolution yet. But, I usually do the white light meditation. This is the only form of meditation that I know of. So, I’m excited to try out the Meditation Revolution. Thanks for sharing it! I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s going for me. 🙂

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