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Low-Fat Diet Fad

So it’s pretty much been out of the bag that eating a low-fat diet doesn’t work, or people don’t get the body they were expecting too. Not too mention is very bad for your health. If you are someone who is still following a low-fat diet or is choosing to stay away from what you think are “fatty foods”, I would encourage you to rethink those decisions and here’s why:

Most people confuse “trans fat” also known has hydrogenated fat, with “healthy fat”. Trans fat is what puts on the pounds and a list of other health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, lowers immune system, reproduction issues, obesity, and heart disease. That’s weird, hasn’t it been said that eating a low-fat diet reduces your chances of getting heart disease?

Trans Fat Foods:

Vegetable Oils

Processed/packages foods

Fast Food

A good thing to remember is if the food you’re about to buy is in a box or package, It’s loaded in trans fat.


There has been some misunderstanding with saturated fat, mainly with meats. Roughly half of our cell membrane structure is made up of saturated fat, and saturated animal fats, like butter and fatty meats. These foods are essential for our bodies. They contain vitamin K (which is only found in animal fats/meat), A and D. If you take a liquid or pill form of these vitamins, they are not the same and our bodies cannot absorb these important vitamins the same way. Taking pill forms of these vitamins, is like taking a multi-vitamin that contain minerals that fruits and vegetables contain, and thinking you don’t have to ever eat fruits/vegetables again. That’s not going to work. Our brain is made up of 80% fat, and the only way we can keep our brain healthy and functioning well, is by eating healthy fats.

Healthy fats:

Olives/Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Raw Nuts/Seeds

Grass-fed Meats

Raw Butter

Organic Pastured Egg Yolks

Palm Oil


Organic nut oils (good oil to use, if frying is needed)

Over half of our daily calories should come from healthy fat foods, so make sure you’re eating enough of the foods above.

If your reasoning of wanting to stay on a low-fat diet is because you’re afraid of putting on weight, you’ve been told the wrong information. Eating healthy fat foods will not make you put on weight. Just remember, trans fat is the killer.

If you or someone you know is on a low-fat diet now, I would be a good choice getting off of it.


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2 thoughts on “Low-Fat Diet Fad

  1. I love this post! It’s very interesting and contains a lot of useful info. Love the picture! 😀

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