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A Workout For You

Today, I’m going to list an optional scheduled workout that can help you get back on track, or if you are already exercising regularly, this will give you an option to change things up a little. 

So, I’ve been changing my workout routine up a lot lately to make sure I’m getting benefits from all around. For the longest time, I would just run and practice some yoga everyday. So, after doing that a billion times over, I decided to add in some new exercises. I’ve already noticed an improvement with my overall body; I just feel more toned. Speaking of toned, I’ve actually been practicing some of the workout videos from Tone It Up. I believe the two young women are nutritionist and trainers. I really enjoy their videos, and workout tips. I will be listing some of their exercises in this schedule. 

Another thing I’ve been adding to my exercise routine, is HIIT (high intensity interval training). I heard a lot about the benefits of HIIT from Dr. Mercola. He has loads of articles on this topic, but here is one of them for you to view:

I didn’t know all that much about what exercises to start for HIIT, so I went online and found some great videos (those will also be listed in this schedule). I know a lot of people might know this, but the key to working out, is to change-up your routine. I made that mistake, but I’m glad I have found these options, because they have helped me a lot, and I’m hoping they will have the same effect on you!

Before I list the schedule, I want to make some things clear. You don’t have to do these exercises on the day or time I list them. You can adjust them to your schedule. I’m just putting out the option, because it might make it a little easier for someone who is just starting to exercise. Another thing is, if you already have a workout routine that you enjoy and works well for you, go ahead and stick to it, and if wanted, you can add in some of these exercises to your routine. You obviously would still benefit from even one of the exercise activities I’m going to list. 

Anyway, let’s get started! 

Workout schedule for the week

Monday- Wake up and practice some morning yoga poses with a Tara Stiles video In the afternoon, warm-up with some jumping jacks/squats or jump rope, to get ready for an intensive HIIT workout This video may look easy, but once you get into it, you’ll definitely be gasping for air. In the evening, when you’re trying to wind down, practice some yoga poses that will help calm you, or try meditation. 

Tuesday- Start the morning off alternating from brisk walking to running for 20 minutes. Afternoon leg workout video: (repeat this video twice). Late afternoon/ early evening, jump in the pool for some laps. If you don’t have access to a pool. You can practice laying on the floor on your stomach, raise your arms and legs off the ground, and practice swimming motions. 

Wednesday- Get right into the swing of things with this HIIT video: Afternoon- Practice jump roping and in place to elevate your heart rate. If you wanted to go further, after your running in place, throw yourself on the ground and do one push-up, pull your leg to your head, do a push-up, pull in the other leg to your head. Run in place again, and repeat. Try to do this drill as fast as you can for 5 min. Night- Wind down practicing this yoga video:

Thursday- Practice same morning yoga video as you did on Monday, or brisk walk for 15-20 min. Afternoon- Tone up your arms with this video: End the long day with this yoga video: 

Friday- Brisk walk/run 20 min. Practice this abdominal muscle workout video: Jump rope, or swim. Night- Meditate.

Saturday- Start the day off with this getting slim video: Tone up your arms: Strengthen your core with this video:

Sunday- Most people like to relax on Sunday, but if you’re like me, you can choose any of the exercise videos you did earlier this week, and practice that. It would be wise to choose a video that you had more trouble with. Also, you can practice yoga throughout the day.

I hope you give this workout schedule a try, and be sure to let me know how your experience with it was, and how you liked it. Also, if this was a helpful schedule for you, and if you would like more of them, let me know. I would be happy to put together more! 

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