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GAPS: Introduction: Day 4

Okay, so another thing I like about GAPS is that I had the chance to make so many different things that I haven’t tried before. I love making things from scratch and really getting down to the basics of the nutrition of food. Something that I really liked doing today was making homemade ghee. At first I thought it was going to be some long process like a lot of things are when you make things from scratch, but this was stupidly easy. Take a block of butter, put in it the oven on 240 degrees fahrenheit for one hour. Just discard the white clumps and keep the golden liquid. That’s it. It’s easy, and healthier than buying it from the health food store. It tastes really good! It tastes like butter, but better.

Ghee right out of the oven

Ghee after its been refrigerated 

Late breakfast-

I was allowed to introduce soft-boiled eggs today. Yay, now we’re getting to normal breakfast food!

Soft boiled egg, with left over brussel sprouts.


Fermented peppers.


Broccoli with ghee, and organic yogurt.


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