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What’s the Right Diet for You and Your Family?

This is a pretty big question. A lot of people want to eat healthier, but don’t know how, or which type of diet to follow. A lot of people decide to switch to vegetarianism for a healthier option. That’s were a lot of people get confused (even me). If you are a vegetarian because you can’t stand knowing that you’re eating an animal that was once living, or some other reason that you feel bad for that animal, that’s a different story, and you feel how you feel. There’s not much wrong with that. But, if you’re a vegetarian because you think it’s a healthier diet to follow, you’ve been mislead. In some ways being a vegetarian isn’t all that bad if you’re eating an unhealthy American diet, with lot’s of processed and unhealthy meats (fast-food), carbs and sugars. It’s a good break for you to take, if that is what your diet has been like for a long time or most of your life. But, to become one if for a life long period, is not so good. There are a lot of reasons why, mainly because our bodies were made to eat animals, which means the proteins and fats found in only animals are essential to our bodies. If you go too long without those vitamins, you can became very ill, and most of the time, it’s too late to change and your body has been already damaged for too long to recover. I’ve seen people following a vegetarian diet as little as 6 months (I was one), and up to 25 years, before getting sick. So, just make sure before you follow a vegetarian diet, that it’s something you want to do and be very cautious to all sign that your body sends. You may start to feel great on this type of diet, but sooner or later, you might see your health going in a downward direction, and might want to reconsider this type of diet.

Don’t forget that there are healthier animal products out there, like grass-fed beef, organic-free range chicken and eggs, and raw milk. 

So, what type of diet is best for you? 

Well, number one is eat how your culture eats. That’s something that will always be very beneficial to your health. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever eat something from another culture, because most cultures have some very nutrient dense foods that can beneficial to anyone’s health. Take miso for an example, that is supposed to be an Asian superfood.They claim that it fights off any disease, and that their culture eats miso for their cancer treatment instead of chemo or radiation. So, that’s something that anyone should or can incorporate into their diet. But, one thing that won’t be beneficial to your health, is the typical American diet that most of us are eating. Everything is too processed. 

Just make sure you’re eating whole foods and organic if can, and your health will be moving forward in no time. 


So, another thing to do besides following your culture’s diet, is make sure you’re eating enough foods with all your daily vitamins. I’m sure you’ve heard that getting your vitamins from food, is a lot better than taking a pill or liquid. In that case, eat a lot vegetables that contain iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, and potassium. Really any vegetables are good for you and contain vitamins you need. Also, make sure you’re eating enough healthy fats from animal meat, nuts/seeds, avocado, and coconuts.

Fermented foods are good things to eat also, because they are filled with probiotics that will help your digestive system, and fight off infections. 

Some fermented foods are: Yogurt, kefir, kumbucha, and any fermented vegetables. 

So, if your making sure you’re eating whole foods with all the essential vitamins, and staying away from processed foods, you should be all set.

I know this isn’t “diet” related, but exercising regularly, obviously will help with your overall health too. Don’t think you have to go out to the gym everyday to be healthy, there are enough exercises you can do in the comfort of your home everyday, like yoga, palliates and some HIIT workouts. Just do whatever to get your heart up and racing. 🙂

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