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Keep Bugs Away Naturally

It has been raining a lot where I live lately, and with rain comes a lot of bugs. I’m going to share some natural tips with you on how to keep away those pests from your garden, home, pets, ect. 

Garlic cloves-

Garlic keeps pests and even large rodents out of your yard. If you think you have a rodent creeping around in your yard, throw a few garlic cloves around the perimeter of your home. Rodents hate the strong garlic smell. If your pet suddenly gets fleas, there might be a possum or another type of rodent that are heavy flea carriers. 


My family sprinkles borax around our house after it rains to keep out roaches and other small bugs. This really works. We have actually found small dead roaches in the borax! 


Washing down some of your household items with vinegar will also keep bugs away.  Bugs hate the strong acid smell. One way to use a lot of vinegar, is washing your floor with the eco-friendly floor cleaner I use that is vinegar base:

Some other ways to keep bugs out-

Keep food sealed tight

Keep a clean kitchen

Take garbage out frequently, wash trash cans

Keep a clean yard

Eliminate Moister by fixing any leaks

Make sure there are no open spaces or cracks in your windows

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