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GAPS Introduction: Day 19


coffee, kefir


Broccoli stalks from vegetable stock

My vegetable stock-

Look at all these perfectly good vegetables I can use from the vegetable stock! This was my first time making this type of stock and I didn’t realize that all the stems and what I thought was scraps, could now turn into healthy side dishes or small meals! Another reason you should make homemade stock is not only is it really healthy for you, but it just extends the use of your vegetables and scraps! I like to try to see if I can find anything to do with a piece of food before throwing it out. Most likely, you’ll be able to find good use for it. You can pretty much add anything to a stock or broth. Just freeze all your vegetable scraps or meat bones, until you are ready to make your broth/stock. When you are ready to make it, put the scraps in a large pot or stock pot, and cover it with water. Add in some sea salt and fresh parsley and let it boil for roughly an hour for vegetable stock and roughly 3-4 hours for meat stocks. I will do a post on stocks/broths soon.

All the vegetables I saved!


 Raw homemade yogurt with a touch of cinnamon, more broccoli stalks


My dad made grass-fed beef brisket on the grill and it looked really good, but I think from the 3 hours of cooked on the grill, it started to absorb a lot of the charcoal/lighter fluid flavor. With that being said, I could only manage to eat a few bites. So, I just made a light and simple soup that contained organic chicken and turkey sausage and leeks, all boiled in homemade vegetable broth. 

I’m going to try to find some way to not waste all this meat. Maybe I’ll add it to a soup and hopefully that will get rid of that charcoal flavor. Worse comes to worst, I’ll give it to one of my dogs. I have to say my dogs eat pretty well. 🙂


Beholding Glory


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