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GAPS: Day 20

Today will be my last day posting my meals for the introduction part of this diet. I will still post some of my meals and recipes that are GAPS-friendly, but I just wont post all my meals everyday. Scrambled eggs….kumbucha….avocado….blah…blah…blah. I figured how much can someone read about that? I thought when I make more tasty soups or desserts that, that would be more interesting and helpful to post. I wanted to just post my introductory on the GAPS, since I haven’t seen all that much out there that would give people an idea on how to eat on this type of diet. I thought it might have been helpful and sort of like a meal plan for GAPS patients. I hope I achieved that goal!



2 bananas


Grilled vegetable shish kabobs

(Hopefully I will upload the picture I took of this dish later, but right now my camera isn’t cooperating.)


Homemade vegetable stock with antibiotic-free chicken and celery

Night time snack-


I hope you all enjoyed my GAPS meals that I’ve been posting, and will continue following me on my journey to healing my gut! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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