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What Breads to Eat?

Gluten intolerance/allergy and celiac disease are on the rise in America and more and more people are buying gluten-free breads. I’m going to list some of the healthier gluten-free breads and some healthier breads that contain gluten, for those who aren’t sensitive. 

Breads that contain wheat/gluten:

One of the healthiest breads that contain wheat/gluten that I’ve seen are Food For Life’s Genesis and Ezekiel Bread. These breads are made with only organic sprouted grains and sprouted seeds. They can usually be easily found in all stores, or you can shop online today: Food For Life

Sami’s Bakery:

I’ve heard that these breads contain traces of gluten, because they aren’t made in a gluten-free facility. There are no wheat or gluten listed in some of their breads/bagels, but someone who has celiac or is highly sensitive, might experience complications from these baked items. But if you are not sensitive to wheat/gluten, these breads/bagels would be a healthy option. Sami’s Bakery is located in Tampa, FL and they are sold at the local health food stores. If you don’t live in the area, you can buy from them online: Sami’s Bakery

Gluten-free breads:

Sami’s (if tolerated)

Food For Life’s Gluten-free breads: They have 10 different gluten-free bread options, 2 different kinds of english muffins, and they also carry wheat/gluten-free tortillas. Food For Life has my favorite gluten-free breads and tortillas. You can usually find these right next to the Genesis and Ezekiel bread. You can also purchase them here: Food For Life’s Gluten-free Items

So, those weren’t many breads listed, but I only listed the healthiest ones. If you cannot always afford to buy these healthier breads, definitely choose whole wheat bread with the least amount of fake ingredients. Stay away from white flour and white sugar. I hope this post helped you out!

Tip: Most people who are diagnosed with IBS most likely have a gluten sensitivity/allergy. Both can be cured with the GAPS Diet.

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