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Seasonal Allergy Home Remedies

The reason of my lack of posting these past few days was because I was sick with some allergies (at least that is what I think they were). So, I treated myself with natural home remedies that would help flush out anything that was going on. 

My home remedies-

Seasonal raw honey, apple cider vinegar and the neti pot: 

I would dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a half a cup of water and I would drink that 3 times a day. I followed that up with a tablespoon of raw honey. 

I didn’t use the neti pot all that much because I was having a hard time making it go up and through my nose right. I tried tilting each and every way and it still wasn’t passing through. I still did a lot of blowing my nose after, so it still helped with some of the congestion.

I also had some homemade chicken broth for dinner. I think this really helped.

So, I’m pretty much feeling 100% now, but I will still continue to practice these remedies for a few more days, so I can make sure the allergies are gone for good. 

These remedies are good to do every few days, or even daily if needed. They will keep everything flushed out, and they will build up your immune system to common seasonal allergies. Apple cider vinegar is also really good for your digestion and helps if you aren’t producing enough stomach acid. The signs for not producing enough stomach acid are when you are having a hard time digesting food, and it seems like your stomach just isn’t emptying out, which may lead to bloating and cramping. I’m starting to think I have this problem, so I’ve been told to take diluted apple cider vinegar with every full meal, and raw digestive enzymes. 


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