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Healthier Version to Cup of Noodles

Now, this recipe isn’t close to how I usually post about the meals I eat/make. But, my sisters LOVE Cup of Noodles, and I wanted to try to get them off of all that processing. You could definitely make this recipe with gluten-free noodles. My sisters don’t eat gluten-free, so I wasn’t going to waist my gluten-free spaghetti. You could also substitute the store-bought chicken broth for homemade chicken broth, or even vegetable broth if you are a vegan/vegetarian.


1 pound of angel hair spaghetti (can be substituted for gluten-free noodles)

32 ounce box of organic chicken broth (I used Emeril’s. You may need more broth depending on how much spaghetti you use. I know when I used one pound, it was pushing it.)

Peas (frozen)

sea salt


red pepper flakes

garlic salt

Follow package instructions on how to boil the noodles. Once the noodles are finished boiling to your liking, strain and transfer to a large pot. Add in the chicken broth or other broth you prefer, and also the frozen or defrosted peas. Add the amount of spices to your liking, and ta-dah! It’s finished!

Note: The original Cup of Noodles has carrots and corn, along with the peas. Feel free to use those to make more like the original. Also, I’m not exactly sure what spices are used in the store-bought Cup of Noodles, but you could experiment with what you think is in there, and what would taste the closest to it. 

What I used

Finished homemade cup of noodles

So, like I said, this isn’t the healthiest meal, but if you usually eat the processed instant noodles, this is much healthier. It’s also very versatile, as well as simple.


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