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Foodie Review: Barbara’s Breakfast Strawberry Bars

I saw these breakfast bars at the store the other day, and they caught my eye. I saw that on the front of the box, it said that they were “fruit juice sweetened”. I doubled checked the ingredients, because a lot of times something will be sugar-free, but if you look in the back for the ingredients, it will have Splenda, or dextrose. Those are both worse than actual sugar. So, be careful when something says sugar-free!

I noticed that they are also made with oat flour and barley flour – no processed wheat. Since barley contains gluten, these bars aren’t 100% gluten-free, but they are wheat-free/egg-free/dairy-free/soy-free/ & nut-free. If you are highly allergic to any of these foods, you may not want to try these, since they are made in a facility that processes other foods that contain the above allergies. 

These obviously aren’t GAPS-friendly, but my sisters got them and they said they tasted really good! They said you couldn’t tell there was no sugar in them, and they tasted really fruity-sweet.

Even though these aren’t in no way considered a “health” food, or “good for you”, these are still a lot better than other processed breakfast bars. These are good if you are looking for a little snack, but are in a rush and can’t make a healthy snack at home. 

You can buy these strawberry breakfast bars by clicking the picture below.

They also have other breakfast bar flavors, like raspberry, blueberry, cinnamon apple, cherry, and triple berry too! 



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