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How to Make Homemade Raw Goat Cheese

I usually eat a decent amount of goat cheese since it’s naturally lactose-free. I decided to make my own today to see how it would taste. This recipe was extremely simple. All you need is a few ingredients and then your ready to make healthy, raw goat cheese! 

This cheese came out as more of a softer, creamier type of cheese, and has a more mild taste than regular store-bought goat cheese. It doesn’t resemble feta at all, just to make that clear, although, that would be pretty neat to try to make! 

What you’ll need-

1/2 gallon of raw goat milk (8 cups) (I’m not sure if pasteurized goat’s milk would work for this.)

2 tsp. of citric acid

thermometer (you don’t need a fancy one, a meat thermometer worked just fine for me)

Make sure you also have a cheese cloth and strainer on hand. 

Directions- Pour milk into a pot and heat until the thermometer reaches 110 degrees. You want to really make sure you don’t go over that temperature, because that could change the way the cheese comes out in only a matter of seconds. Once the milk reaches the right temperature, take the pot off the burner immediately, and stir in the citric acid. Let milk sit for 30 min. Place your cheese cloth over a strainer and pour the curd milk into the cheese cloth. Squeeze out all the whey. I recommend saving the whey by placing a bowl underneath the strainer. Whey is very nutritious and contains a ton of essential vitamins. Store in a sealed container and place in the fridge.

You can add sea salt or herbs of your choice after squeezing out all the whey. I added in sea salt and dried basil. 

What I usedAdd milk to the pot
My milk was a little hotter than 110 degrees, but I turned off the heat right away and the temperature immediately dropped down to 110 degrees. 
Add in citric acid
Give it a stir
Squeeze out the whey
Finished goat cheese
Add in sea salt and herbs of your choice and mix together (optional)

I used to love this salad at Carrabba’s restaurant that had sautéed eggplant and hazelnut covered goat cheese. It tasted so good! I loved how neat of an idea the goat cheese was, and I thought I would try to make my own version of it. I’ve looked for shelled hazelnuts EVERYWHERE and I could not find them for the life of me. I’m sure they probably have them online somewhere but they’re probably pretty expensive and my family doesn’t usually shop online for food all that often unless it’s a good deal. So with that being said, I substituted the hazelnuts for homemade almond flour. I just placed the cheese in a bowl with some almond flour and made them into patty shapes. Then I added some olive oil to a small pot and fried them for a minute on each side. They tasted really good! 

Almond flour added to goat cheese

Form cheese into patty shapes

Fry for a minute on each side

I topped my almond crusted goat cheese with a whole almond….I thought it looked pretty. 🙂 They look like cookies in a way, don’t they? 

Well I hope you enjoyed these recipes and will give them a try soon. Let me know if you make any type of homemade cheese and I’d love to know how you make yours! 

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Homemade Raw Goat Cheese

  1. John on said:

    Awesome – I made goat cheeze with ultrapasturized a few times at 180 degree (my wife bought me a kit) and those where the instructions. It came out fine. Now I found a source for raw and I don’t want to pasturize it. I have been using the whey for fermenting and now it will be live whey! Thanks for the help!

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