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How to Rehydrate Your Kombucha Culture

Kombucha has to be one of my favorite drinks ever. It’s super refreshing and light. I don’t know about you, but my stomach just feels great after drinking a glass of kombucha! I can actually feel it helping out my gut! I discovered kombucha in the beginning of this year (2012), and I’ve been drinking it at least once a week ever since. I haven’t made kombucha at home yet, but I’m in the process, as you can see in this post. 

For those who haven’t heard of kombucha yet, it is a fermented tea drink that originated in China and later in Russia. Kombucha detoxifies the body which prevents cancers. It is also filled with probiotics that promote healthy gut and digestion. It’s a wonderful GAPS drink, or just an everyday drink for the average person. 

So before you can actually make your first batch of kombucha, you’ll need to have a kombucha culture. You can order one online like I did at Cultures For Health.

So once you have a culture, you can follow the process below.

All the information I got on how to rehydrate the culture, was from the video below by Cultures For Health.

Now since you have all of the information for you right there, I’m just going to show you some pictures of my kombucha in the rehydrating process.

I chose to use 2 bags of oolong tea and 1 bag of green tea.

Adding in 1/4 cup of organic unbleached sugar

Adding in a little hot water to dissolve the sugar.
Drop your tea bags into your glass jar.
Cover and let tea steep until tea in completely cooled.
My culture….….and what it looks like
So after you add in your culture, you’re going to cover that again and leave it to ferment for 21 days. It’s best to store your kombucha in a warm less-chaotic place. I  placed mine on top of a book shelf in my office/school room. 

Once the culture is done rehydrating, you can then make your first batch of kombucha. Keep a look out for a post about how to make kombucha around Oct. 20!

I hope you enjoyed this post and will start making your kombucha at home soon! I promise you’ll love it and all the great benefits it brings! 

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