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Natural Wood Surface Cleaner & Polisher

I was doing some cleaning around my house this past Sunday, and I ran out of Pledge. My reaction wasn’t “Oh, no!”, it was “Great! Now I can make a natural cleaning/dusting solution!” I decided to just get down to the basics of natural, safe ingredients. Here is what I decided to use:

Natural Wood Surface Polisher-

1 1/3 cups of water

2 tsp. of oil

Natural Wood Surface Cleaner-

Polisher recipe with 1/4 cup of vinegar

Note- You could add any essential oil if you’d like, to your cleaner/polisher. Lemon is the most commonly used. 

Now, I NEVER use canola oil for cooking, baking, or anything, because it’s basically a bottle of GMO filled crap. Since I had a bottle left over probably from a year or two ago (probably is rancid by now) and since it’s just for cleaning I thought why use expensive olive oil? 




What the cleaning and polishing solution will look like-


Don’t have a cleaning bucket? No worries, any halloween bucket will do just fine. 🙂 Look, I’m getting into the fall spirit!


Happy October 1st everyone! 🙂 



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