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2 Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

Both of these recipes can be accommodated to any dietary issues. 

So the holiday season has begun and with winter, comes hot chocolate! Most hot chocolate pre-mixes are filled with HFCS, artificial flavoring and color, along with other harmful chemicals. With these hot chocolate recipes that I’m about to show you are filled with healthy ingredients, so you can drink hot chocolate all winter long! 

These two recipes that I made were with organic lactose-free milk (I ran out of raw), but you could use almond, coconut or any other type of non-dairy milk. Just keep in mind that if you want the creamy, chocolatey taste, cow’s milk will be your best option, along with almond milk. Still, whatever milk you choose to use, it should still turn out very tasty! 

I also want to mention that both of these recipes are completely sugar-free. 

Traditional hot chocolate-

1 cup of milk of your choice

1 tbs. of pure cocoa powder

honey (To taste. If vegan, agave can be used instead.)

1/2-1 tsp. of pure vanilla extract

Heat milk in a small pot and bring to a simmer. Once the milk is simmering, whisk in the rest of the ingredients. Whisk until well blended. 

Spiced hot chocolate-

This recipe was inspired by Whole Living Magazine

1 cup of milk of your choice

1 cinnamon stick 

sprinkle of ground nutmeg

honey (To taste. If vegan, agave can be used instead.) 

1 oz. of pure chocolate – chopped (100% chocolate. You’ll need to use this if you want it to by completely sugar-free.) 

Heat milk and all ingredients except chocolate, in a small pot and bring to a simmer. Once the milk is simmering, remove from heat and let steep covered for 10 minutes. Whisk in the chocolate. 

All ingredients simmering. 

Bakers chocolate 

The picture came in sideways, but this is what the finished spiced hot chocolate looks like. It’s really good, but so is the traditional hot chocolate! I recommend trying them both out, and you can choose which one is your favorite. 🙂 

Enjoy and happy holidays! 

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