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Avoid Unhealthy Foods While Traveling By Doing Your Research

Guest Posting- Cole Millen from Cole’s Mill

Many people run into a large number of problems when it comes to sticking to their diets on the road, but these problems can be easily alleviated with one simple solution. The only thing you need to do to stay healthy while you are on the road is to do your research before you hit the road. You need to know where to find the healthy food before you leave your home because you will probably not feel like searching around for the best restaurant or grocery store while you are in a new city or town. By scouting the area for good food before you get there, you should be able to figure out how you can stick to your diet while you are in a new place.

fast-food1-1qbkuaxAvoid Fast Food at All Costs

The main thing you need to avoid while you are on the road is fast food. Fast Food restaurants always seem like the best option while you are on the road, but you will definitely regret that decision after you put down a Big Mac or Whopper. While you can’t deny that these foods taste great, they are also just about the worst thing that you can put into your body. Instead, bring along a variety of healthy choices for you to snack on. Packing fruit, nuts, hummus, and such can provide you with a number of nutrients while also filling your appetite. You may have to take more time out of your day to find the right kind of food for your body, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Luxurious-hotels-in-Las-VegasFinding a Hotel

One of the most important aspects of a healthy trip is where you are staying. For this reason, I have found researching your destination beforehand to be pivotal. It all starts with finding a hotel that can accommodate to your healthy lifestyle. Often times, their websites and pamphlets can be deceiving and ultimately lead you to choosing between the lesser of two evils. I have found in my travels, that reading reviews from other travelers with similar interests is extremely helpful when booking a hotel. I recently managed to find a hotel in Las Vegas with a wide array of amenities for the health conscious primarily from the reviews of others. You should look for a hotel that has a gym, a pool, a restaurant with a healthy menu, as well as room service that can meet special requests. All of these things will help you to stay fit and light.

Grocery cartFind the Good Grocery Stores

There are usually two types of grocery stores available in most cities these days. You have your regular grocery store where the prices tend to be rather low and the aisles are filled with soda and chips, and then you have the healthier stores where everything seems to be organic or pastured. You should not get too worried if you cannot find a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s in the area because you also have the option of finding a local farmer’s market. Most of the larger cities have a farmer’s market at some point during the week, so you should look into the local farmer’s market schedule before you pack for your trip. Going to the farmer’s market is actually a nice little adventure for some people because you get to learn a lot about the farming culture of the local area.

19737-C201011-Best-Mexican-Restaurants-TopolobampoLook for Restaurants with Healthy Ingredients

The great thing about going to any restaurant is that you can almost always alter something on the menu to fit your dieting needs. You can always get a salad at any restaurant, but you will probably also need some substance for a main source after that salad. Make sure that you are eating the right kinds of meat before you order your meal because meat from unhealthy animals will lead to an unhealthy meal. You will probably not be able to order grass fed beef at every restaurant, but you should at least see what is available in your area before you place your order.


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3 thoughts on “Avoid Unhealthy Foods While Traveling By Doing Your Research

  1. Hotel choice is a good place to start – I always look for one with a mini fridge if possible (for all your grocery store stuff!) and a lot have continental breakfasts which often have a lot of fruit and yogurt, so you can save on breakfast costs and still eat healthy!

  2. Found you on Frugal Days and would love to have you join us on Wildcrafting Wednesday today!

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