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Quinoa Cabbage Wraps

This will be my last post on quinoa for a while. I’m going back to no grain again, (including corn). It always seems to be that I get bloated and sluggish after any type of grain. Corn chips don’t bother me as much, but every time I eat them, I think “there is so many other things that I could be snacking on that’s healthier and more nutritious than corn.” Yes, they aren’t bad for you and they’re definitely better than potato chips, but they just don’t satisfy me and  I just don’t feel like I’m getting much benefit from it, than say veggies and hummus, or nuts and seeds. So corn chips, I ain’t waisting my time on you no more. 😛 (I know, that’s not proper English). 

Anyway, back to the recipe!


2 cabbage leaves

Quinoa (prepared however you like it. I just sautéed mine in soy sauce.)

Hard boiled egg(s) (sliced. I ended up slicing up three eggs, but then only really ended up using like one and a half.)

Extra soy sauce for dipping (optional)

This recipe isn’t really all that difficult. All you need to do is basically prepare everything how you like it, and then put it all together in a wrap form. Once you stuff your wraps how you like them, I’d suggest using a toothpick to hold the wrap together. Unless you like raw cabbage leaves, I’d suggest placing the wraps in a roasting pan with a tiny bit of water on the bottom, and place them in the oven until the leaves soften. Mine took about 30-45 minutes on 400.

Set up your cabbage leaves


Prepare your quinoaIMG_3241

Slice up your egg(s)IMG_3251

Put your wrap togetherIMG_3253

Wraps out of the ovenIMG_3254

Finished wraps. Serving with soy sauce is optional. Enjoy!IMG_3256



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3 thoughts on “Quinoa Cabbage Wraps

  1. That looks amazing!!! Need to make! 🙂

  2. Diana Rambles on said:

    My family would love this! Thanks for linking at my Pin Me Party!

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