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Grain-Free PB Pancakes

This recipe is from Deliciously Organic

So, this may sound silly, but I was browsing online for different recipes that could be made with yogurt the other day, and I came across this one. I have a quart of raw yogurt left that needs to be used, and I love the stuff, but it takes me a really long time to finish all of my raw dairy before it starts to taste funny. I love diary, don’t get me wrong, but I’m the only person that drinks it in my family, and I have a tendency to over buy it.

My digestive system doesn’t help much either. You can rest assure that every time I place my raw diary order, my stomach feels fine, and then after a few days it starts killing me, and then I don’t want any diary…..which leaves gallons of diary products sitting there, waiting to be used. Some days my stomach loves me, and then the next it feels like it’s trying to kill itself…which I don’t think is possible….but you get the idea. 

Anyway, that was a long unnecessary story. Right….you’re only here for the pancake recipe. I should shut up now – Sorry 

Picture time!

 Now, when you put everything in your bowl before you mix it, it’s probably going to seem to you that it will be impossible for any of these ingredients to turn into a batter. I was very hesitant as I was whisking, but I just kept up with it for a little bit, and then it turns into this really creamy consistency. It’s so good! 

IMG_3289I used palm oil shortening to coat my pan. It worked great! No stickiness whatsoever.IMG_3290Well-ah! Breakfast is served. It’s high in protein and healthy fats. Doesn’t contain sugar of any kind either! Enjoy!IMG_3294


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4 thoughts on “Grain-Free PB Pancakes

  1. Wow, that’s amazing that they’re grain free! 🙂 Looks tasty!

  2. Those look great! Thanks for linking up this week!

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