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Building Up Your Immunity

Sorry…..I’m back. I became friends with a virus this past week, and it really took up a lot of my time. Thankfully, I’m all better now, other than just for a cough here and there. This all brought me to writing this post.

Since I don’t take any conventional medicine (okay….I did take an ALEVE twice, but that doesn’t count!), I spend most of my time while I’m sick building up my immune system. Why? Well, lets put it this way……you would have never gotten sick if your immune system was strong in the first place. So when your body becomes over run by the virus, your immune system is pretty much done for.

Now is the most perfect time of year to make sure your immunity is in check. 

What I’ll be talking about here is what can be done before a illness strikes, during, or just prevention along with keeping your immune system strong. 

Vitamin D (The Sun)



This vitamin is crucial just for overall health in general. Nothing living would be able to survive without it. Think of Vitamin D has some type of natural booster that benefits your whole body. It helps your brain and the outcome of your mental state, the clarity of your thinking, your skin (no, you’re not going to get skin cancer from going outside for a little bit), ect. I can really go on and on with all of the great things the sun provides and that a lot of us just take the sun for granted, or just think that it’s straight out bad for you because you can develop melanoma. That’s just crazy. I don’t have a lot of philosophies on health, but one thing that I believe with all my heart is that if “it” was here for as long as mankind can remember, it’s good for you, and you should pay more attention to “it”, and make sure you’re getting enough of “it”. 

Anyway, along with all of the other things that Vitamin D benefits, your immunity is a big one. To just maintain your well-being, I recommend going outside everyday, just until your skin color is a very slight pink color. Not red, not brown, not blue or any other crazy color. Just pink and pink only. If you’re sick, try staying outdoors as much as possible (unless it’s outdoor allergies). I always end up trying to sit outside anyway when I’m sick, just because it always makes me feel better. It’s great when you’re trying to sweat out a fever. It really helped me!

Vitamin Cvitaminc_fruitsTime to eat up those apples, oranges, tropical fruits, bell peppers, and dark leafy vegetables! 

No to Grain, Sugar, and Anything Else Sweet!


Now I recommend doing this as a everyday diet choice, but I know that isn’t everyone’s thoughts and beliefs or just don’t know why they should give that up in the first place. I’m not going to try and persuade anyone to go and quit these foods. I’d be happy to write up a post on this topic explaining my reasonings and why I think it’s beneficial to limit these foods. Leave me a comment below, if you’re interested. Or, I highly recommend Dr. Mercola’s website, where he has countless articles on this matter.

What I do think is very, very beneficial is eliminating these foods entirely when you’re sick. These foods really slow down your body from trying to build up its immune system and just trying to get better overall. I suggest not eating any wheat, rice, corn, barely, millet, quinoa, and any other grain, along with no white or brown sugar. 

I hope this post was helpful to some of you and keep in mind that keeping on top of these vitamins and healthy choices will keep you and your body healthy overall. Remember, always be mindful of your immune system! It’s what’s constantly fighting for you! 


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4 thoughts on “Building Up Your Immunity

  1. Hi, saw your link at Motivation Monday, thanks for sharing. I recently started walking (after 60 years of being anti-exercise) and what a difference it’s made in my life! Energy, better mood, everything. But now I must add being outside in the sunshine, as we often walk late in the day or evening, so I’m not getting that Vit. D. I have been a sugar (sweet tea and chocolate) addict for years; recently came down with GERD, and the doc said to take Prilosec BUT to also eliminate the sugars and caffeine. What a difference that has made. Thanks so much for giving me this information.


    • Oh, that is so great! I love to hear peoples’ stories on their journey to better health. I truly find it amazing when people (like you), get up one day and just want to make a change. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? It’s never too late for someone to take a 180 with their lifestyle choices.
      I truly appreciate you stopping by and commenting. So happy for you on the new healthy choices you’ve made! Good luck on your journey to new health. Wishing you the best!

  2. Awesome tips! 🙂 I ❤ this post! I just had strep throat and was in bed for 11 days! It was the worst! I will totally be keeping these tips in mind…don't want to be sick again this year!! I've been getting lots of vitamin D & C since I've read your post and have been avoiding sugar.

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