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Chocolate Lava Cake (Grain-free)

Wait….Chocolate Lava Cakes without grain, dairy, soy, and sugar? That’s right! 

But….how?!? Truthfully, I didn’t have this planned. I was in the kitchen thinking I was making muffins, and then I was blessed with an idea to take this “muffin” to a whole new level. 

I’ve only seen these cakes served in nicer restaurants. It never crossed my mind that it would be something that I could actually make, and also make it quite healthy. I guess I proved myself wrong….. 😛

So, I started off making these Banana Chocolate Muffins and then once they were finished, the idea hit me. 

Let’s start with the muffin/cake part first-

Wet ingredients and dry ingredients mixed together. 


Apparently, everyone likes Enjoy Life chocolate chips, but even though they are better for you than Toll House or Hershey’s chocolate chips, they still do contain sugar. I’m not saying to throw away your bag of chocolate chips now. After all, it’s your diet and you choose to make the choices that you feel is best, but I do suggest trying these chips out instead. IMG_3478



Stir in the chocolate/carob chips. IMG_3480


Finished muffins/cake. IMG_3485

So, at this point I noticed I had a quart of heavy whipping cream in the fridge so I decided to whip it up. I added some pure maple syrup to it and a little vanilla extract, and there you have it….. homemade whipped cream!

I removed the muffin wrap, and then flipped the muffin over into a bowl. Next, I topped it off with some whipped cream. Well-ah…..Chocolate lava cakes! Perfect size too!

If you’re dairy-free also, you could use any dairy-free topping as well. Some raspberries on top would be so good too! IMG_3491

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