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Christmas Fruit Snacks

It’s been so difficult trying to come up with something healthy and festive, and that’s also cute and fun that everyone would enjoy. Luckily, I had an idea. This isn’t the most decorative Christmas snack that I’m sure you’ve seen, but it’s fun to create and at least you know it’s healthy for you! 

What You’ll Need-



Cream Cheese

Honey or Pure Maple Syrup

Vanilla Extract

For the cream cheese filling, just beat together the cream cheese, sweetener, and vanilla extract. Use your own judgement on how much or how little to use of the sweetener and extract. 

You can make these Santas in two different ways. You can either cut off the top of a strawberry, scoop out some of the middle, stuff some filling inside, put the cap/top back on, and add on two blueberries for the eyes. Or, you can skip the blueberries all together and just decorate it however you’d like. It’s really just whatever your preference is, and to have fun with it!

Wash your fruitIMG_3526Add all ingredients together for the fillingIMG_3527Beat together IMG_3529Santa number 1IMG_3531Santa number 2, aka the bug eyed santa! 
Hope you all have a fun time decorating these and also have wonderful Christmas!! 

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Fruit Snacks

  1. This is the cutest and cleverest idea I’ve ever seen.

  2. Aww, so cute! Looks yummy and super festive! Great idea! 😉

  3. So cute 🙂
    I will be featuring your post on Tuesday 31st December in a tutorial roundup.
    Thank you so much for sharing this on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party. I look forward to seeing you again this month 🙂
    Marigolds’ Loft

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