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Losing Weight and Diets

So, I thought this would be a good topic to talk about since New Year’s just passed, which comes resolutions. One of the biggest resolutions Americans make is wanting to lose weight and get on a diet. All and all, that’s great! Props to you on getting motivated and wanting the best for your health! Sad thing is, there are so many diet scams and mixed information out there. There are a lot of things people believe that if you eat this certain way or avoid these certain foods, that the pounds will come right off. Yes, some of it may be true, or you may actually see results, but only for a very short period of time. In the long run, you can very much so be damaging your health, or ruining your metabolism, which later on you’ll gain the weight back. The whole point is to lose the weight and to never see it again, right? Well, lets get this information cleared up, shall we? 

So, first thing is first. I’m just going to throw my whole diet and losing weight belief out there. I don’t believe in it. Period. I don’t agree to one single diet out there. I have looked into almost every single one, and every single one has some flaws in them. Yes, there are definitely some that are way better than others, but the end result is always the same. Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m the type that likes to learn why or why isn’t this good for you, or what exactly will this diet help with and is it actually good for my body? I find that a lot of these diets just don’t explain enough. 

I’m sure the majority of the people who hear “diet” they just think of losing weight, right? Well, sure that’s a big part of dieting, but what about in the long run? Besides losing weight, what else is the diet doing to your body? Is it benefitting it, or is it silently causing some damage to your body? The biggest thing that I believe everyone should become aware of is really focusing on all aspects of themselves. Become aware of your mood, mental and physical. When you diet, don’t just be focusing on the scale. Heck, throw the scale away! It’s the devil in my opinion. It’s just an object that sits there in your face and basically tells you if you’re “fit” or not. I mean really…..are you basing your health around a digital object? Base it on you! Do you feel good? Are you working hard to get where you want to be? Are you eating what you think is to be healthy? If so, then you’re on the right track. Everybody’s body is different, so everyone’s weight will be a little different as well. Bone size and muscle play just as much apart of weight as fat does, and the scale can’t differentiate the difference. You’re your own person, which means what works for you will be different from any other, so once you become aware of yourself and pay attention to what only works for you, then all the rest will come easily. 

Alright, so I was scrolling around MSN yesterday and I found this article on the new diets of the New Year. So, of course I’d had to check it out. Just incase someone finally woke up and actually realized what a good diet is. Well, nope….wishful thinking I guess. Apparently the “Low-Fat” diet will never die out. This post is already getting quite long, so I’ll just send you over to one of my older posts on which fats are good and bad. Here you go. 

So, if I had to choose out of the bunch of what diet would be good to follow, I’d say the Mediterranean Diet. Mainly, because they eat  a variety of foods. They don’t limit anything. Everything is in moderation. Plus, this diet is perfect to follow your whole life. It will help you lose weight if you have a pretty poor diet, but also isn’t restricting any foods. The diet focuses on lots of healthy fats, such as nuts/seeds and fish, along with lots of fresh produce and poultry. Red meat is more rare to eat following this type of diet, but if you buy healthy grass-fed beef, it’s fine. The key is moderation. 

In the end, I recommend eating pure foods and everything in moderation. It sounds like no big deal, but trust me….. if you live in America, it’s harder then you think it may think. You have to be avid label reader. Actually, your best bet would to be to buy things without any labels, such as produce and meats. 

Things to avoid would be GMOs, HFCS/sugar, and any other processed ingredients. Look at it this way, if it’s hard to pronounce or you don’t have it in your pantry, then it’s not healthy. 

And to get physically fit, obviously there is no other way to do it, but exercise! Find what you enjoy most and that you’ll actually look forward to doing everyday. Even if that means going to try out a bunch of different exercise programs. Do what works best for you! For me, I love running and yoga. It’s something I never get tired of doing. It’s also to have a variety of exercises that you like, so that way you’ll never get bored and you’re well rounded. 

Well, this post is getting close to 1,000 words, so I’ll leave you here. I just wanted to touch base on a little of everything that had to do with dieting and losing weight. I will be doing more follow up posts on this topic and going in more depth on different diets. If you have a certain diet that you have any questions or concerns on, leave me a comment and I’ll do some research on it and add your diet to the following write ups. 

Okay, we hit a 1,000 words, so bye! 🙂

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  1. Well said! 🙂 Enjoyed reading your post!

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