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My Story For The Past Couple of Months

Hello there, everyone…or only one…whoever still reads my posts. Ha! 

I hate to be one of those people who apologize a million times and say how they just got “busy” which is why they haven’t blogged much, but I feel like I’ve been gone for so long and when I have posted, it wasn’t consistent at all. So…I’M SORRY!! Now that, that’s  out of the way….let’s get onto why I’ve been gone.

1.) School- It’s been quite a pain lately with sucking up all my time and brain fuel. By the time I finish, my brain is like mush for the rest of the day which leaves me to not be creative and to come up with ideas for future posts. With all that being said…the good news now is that, that’s no longer an issue! And no…I didn’t drop out of school, haha…My mom just made a really good schedule for me, and it’s helped me complete all my work in a shorter period of time. I never was the one to like schedules. I just always did what my brain wanted to do first, next and last, but I’ve come to realize that they can be pretty darn helpful in this situation. 

2.) Moving- The title pretty much says it all – I’m moving. Not too far, but far enough, and well…moving is a lot of work! I’m going to miss the house I’ve grew up and lived in for about 12 years or so, give or take, but all in all, I’m really excited for it! I think it will be a new beginning for me and my whole family. I think we all go through different stages in our life, and with this move, it will be a start of a new one for us. Who’s to say if it will be better than our last, but only time can tell. But what I do know is, with each stage that you go through in life, you walk into it stronger, wiser, and more mature than you did with your last. So when you’re going through a more difficult period…even when it feels like it may be breaking you, in some way and somehow…even if you don’t know it at that particular point, it’s helping you grow stronger and just building a better foundation of you and who you are. You might not see it then, you may not even see it from a year from now, but when you do…it will ring as clear as a bell and in somewhere deep down inside of you, you’ll learn to appreciate that more difficult time that you once had, and not fear as much of the upcoming future difficult ones that you’ll most likely have. I’m just a 17 year old girl who thinks a lot and that’s what I’ve just learned and taken from life since I’ve been on earth. It may be different for you and any other individual out there, but I thought I’d share what I think, in the hope that it may be somewhat beneficial to someone out there.

Moving on from all of that “philosophy” or “life outlook”  stuff or whatever you want to call it….

3.) The flu- Ugh! Just typing that title makes me cringe. I literally was sick with that nasty, devil of a virus for 3 weeks. It felt like it was so long that I forgot what it felt like to feel better! First, it started off with just normal flu symptoms, sore throat, congestion, bad headaches, fatigue, ect. Except that I didn’t get a fever, but whatever. I wasn’t asking for one. Anyway, that lasted for about a week and then I got a stomach virus! Now that….was terrible! I thought I may have to go to the hospital, and having that thought in your head, especially when you’re into natural health, is like a nightmare. That’s the last place I would have wanted to be. Luckily, right before it was getting pretty close to making that decision possibly, I made a slight turn around and was able to drink some liquids. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but in however many years it’s been…I drank…soda. :/ I have an may be a poor one, but it was the only thing I was able to keep down. 

For the first two days of the stomach virus, I basically just drank Ginger-ale and some Gatorade. For solids, I was only able to have 1 or 2 small pieces of crystalized  ginger. Then, I worked my way up to apple sauce, bananas and then this amazing soup that my naturopath recommended. It basically just has chicken broth, rice, any type of vegetables, and a lot of ginger. We also added some chicken breast sometimes too, but it’s really whatever you prefer and you feel your stomach can handle. It may not sound all the “interesting” but it does do the trick for sure! I lived off of that soup for about a week, along with some rice cakes. One thing I probably won’t ever eat again though is oatmeal. Reason why is because right before I got sick, I ate a TON of it, and now, every time I think about it…ugh…never again. Ha..but one thing that I did get out of this in a positive way, is that I’ve come to notice that ginger isn’t all that bad. I always knew it was such an amazing super food for illnesses and stomach digestion, but never really tried to incorporate in into my diet at all. Now I definitely will! 

4.) Coming up with ideas- Last but not least, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with things to post about! Lately, all I’ve been creating is different types of smoothies, but do you all really want more smoothie recipes? I already posted a lot and most of them are pretty similar in the end, so I’m looking to hope to be able to change it up some. Something I’ve been really wanting to try to make are bagels,  and healthier donuts. I just need to go out and buy one of those makers! I heard that Bed, Bath & Beyond is supposed to have great deals on them, so that’s on my to-do list to check out. I may or may not do the whole YouTube video thing still. If I do, it will be only yoga videos and possible DIY health & beauty projects. We’ll see though. I would really love some feedback from any of you who are reading this though on what you’d like to see as well. If you could take some time and drop me a comment, email, whatever, I would very much appreciate it! 

Okay…tired of my yet?! Ha…I’ll go now. Hope you all are doing swell and if you’re in school, have a wonderful Spring Break! 🙂


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One thought on “My Story For The Past Couple of Months

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling like yourself again after such a long bout with both flus. What a rough time that was. Good to know about ginger. Re: moving and life – You are an amazing young lady to see life so well at just 17. Knowing that you need to face life’s constant changes and challenges head on and become wiser for them is real maturity. I enjoy reading your posts whatever the subject – recipes, beauty products, anything! And with our recent colds, your post about the Orange Julius smoothie helped a lot! All the best in health and life to you!!

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