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Kale and Chick Peas Sauté

When I’m in the mood for a vegan/vegetable meal, I go straight to this one! For a few reasons, one, it is delicious! Two, it’s so pure and healthy, and three being that it’s filling and hearty enough to have as a meal.

It’s super simple, and all you need is just what the recipe is, which is kale and chick peas! Of course nothing would be the same without some olive oil, garlic and spices but you already got the idea.


Organic kale

Organic chick peas

Olive oil

Garlic (chopped. I used two large cloves)

Sea salt

Red pepper flakes

Start off by adding some olive oil to a sauté pan, and once the oil is heated, add in the chopped garlic. Add in your kale. I bought a bag of pre-cut kale, which makes it a lot easier to just clean and then cook. While the kale is cooking down, go ahead and rinse and strain your chick peas. Once the kale is almost completly sauteed, add in the chick peas, sea salt and red pepper flakes (or other pepper/spices of your choice). The whole thing shouldn’t take any longer than 15 min to make.

Sauté kale


Add in the chick peasIMG_3155Enjoy!IMG_3159

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