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How to Treat Burns/Scars Naturally

I’ve been getting burned a lot lately in the kitchen, since I’ve been doing a lot more cooking on the GAPS. My skin tends to scar really easily if I don’t take care of my burn  immediately when it happens. For the longest time I would just hurry and run it under cold water until the burning stopped, but that didn’t always cut it, and I still ended up with a scar. 😦

I’m going to share some tips with you that will stop the burning right away and prevent the burn from scarring.

Tips to stop the burning and prevent scarring-

1.) Grab an ice-cube from the freezer and place it on the burn immediately. The cool water from the faucet sometimes isn’t always cold enough.

2.) Once the burning subsides, grab a banana peel (if you have one) and place a piece on the burn.


3.) If you don’t happen to have a banana peel on you, you could slice a lemon and rub it onto your burn. If you have both, then apply both for maximum benefits.

4.) Follow up with some honey. Any honey will do, but raw is best and has the most beneficial properties.

5.) Lavender and aloe vera are great oils to apply to burns or any skin condition. They will help relieve the pain/burning and help the healing process.

So there you have it! Five ways to help cure a burn/scar naturally! You might want to print this post out and stick it on your fridge or somewhere else in your kitchen so you can have it the next time you burn yourself.



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